Allie X Looks Back While Moving Forward

The name of the game at this year’s Met Gala was “Camp,” an ode to kitsch and all things bizarre. While some celebs missed the mark, Allie X is the queen of all things camp. From nun habits to carefully-crafted alter egos, Allie X is bringing camp back to the pop scene. Allie X is currently on tour with ionnalee supporting her latest release, Super Sunset. The eight song EP details Allie X’s growth as an artist, grappling with her shift from a “rather naïve” creative to somebody who’s “kind of jaded and just really authoritative” during her five year stint in Los Angeles. “I feel like I’ve changed you know?" She told BANSHEE over the phone. "And I’ve watched myself change. I’m also just growing older so that [change] would’ve happened anyway… I mean, I feel like a boss now but I feel like I’ve also lost my innocence, I guess,”