Hayley Kiyoko is “that girl you can’t forget” in “She” video

Considering Hayley Kiyoko didn’t have any queer pop stars to look up to while growing up, “She” is the girl of your dreams in her nostalgic, 2005-slice-of-life video for “She.”

In the self-directed video, Kiyoko, 28, throws us back to the days of side bangs, portable CD players, and lava lamps. In this hazy, nostalgic video—Microsoft Word clip art credits included—Kiyoko reminiscences on her pre-fame days, taking fans through her teenage room as she lives out her adolescent fantasies. “Don’t wanna be dreaming, warm in bed / Don’t want to be old with one regret / Gotta be a diva, have respect / Be that girl you can’t forget,” she proclaims on the hook. “If you try to make her less / She’ll stand up and pound her chest / You’ll be mad she ain’t part of your life / Miss do it right.”

Now known among her fans as “Lesbian Jesus,” the video climaxes with Kiyoko waving a rainbow flag in her room to the thunderous, imaginary cherring of her fans, a cascade of colorful confetti filling her room. The cherry on top of this charming video is a cameo by Lance Bass, whose poster adorns the room.

In a statement, Kiyoko says:

“‘She’ is an unofficial anthem to keep me going through the hard times when I’m unsure of myself. I wrote this song as a tribute to embracing your dreams and being unafraid to live fully in your truth without regrets. To NOT be ashamed of being a strong, vulnerable, hardworking woman who knows what she wants, and who won’t let anyone or anything stop her from chasing her dreams.”

“She” is the final single off of Kiyoko’s upcoming I’m Too Sensitive For This Shit. It follows “I Wish,” “Demons,” “L.O.V.E. Me,” and “Runaway.”

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Lauren Zaknoun

Lauren Zaknoun is an artist, photographer, music enthusiast, and founder of BANSHEE ZINE. With no musical talent to speak of, she supports her local scene by going to shows, shooting bands, and loudly reminding everyone that Paramore is the best band in the world.

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