CONCERT: Troye Sivan celebrates queer love on Bloom Tour

Flowers, pride flags, and a unique sense of unity is the scene that was set for the Boston stop of Troye Sivan’s Bloom Tour. Longtime fans of Sivan know and recognize Boston as a city of traditions, many of which were revisited on the evening of Oct. 12.

Featuring pop comet Kim Petras and longtime collaborator Leland, the Bloom Tour has proven to be a celebration of queerness in every capacity. Every performer is a star in their own right with so much to offer LGBTQ fans who’ve never had as much music to be excited about as they do in 2018.

Leland, after working with Sivan on both of his albums as well as a host of talent ranging from Selena Gomez to RuPaul’s Drag Race, has seen his star rise rapidly within the last year. After working in a more behind-the-scenes capacity for some time, his own name has been rising steadily through the ranks of the pop scene with his songs “Mattress” and “Run Into You.” Boston was fortunate enough to be the setting of his final show on the tour and fans were generous and enthusiastic, returning his energetic, heartfelt performance with just as much love, cell phones and paper flowers waving for him.

Kim Petras’ is the embodiment of bubblegum pop: peppy, confident, and unapologetic. Her neon vocals and catchy tracks have rapidly pushed her into the mainstream scene and her music has garnered millions of streams on Spotify, a particularly impressive feat when you consider she is an independent artist.

Her music is second only to her effervescent stage presence, flaunting trendy shades and a glimmering designer bag alongside her impressive vocals. In honor of Halloween, Petras performed “Tell Me It’s a Nightmare” and “Close Your Eyes,” two morbid tracks off of her Halloween mixtape. The rest of her set was quintessential Kim: electrically enticing pop bops celebrating luxury, self-love, and ripping on exes.

In spite of Bloom being billed as Sivan’s “sex album,” his first foray into manhood, “Seventeen” and the self-titled track opened up his set, two unfailingly tender songs.

Every city gets the chance to be the most special city in the world when your favorite artist is there for the night. Boston gave all their love to Troye Sivan with a wonderful display of illuminated paper flowers during “Heaven.” Organized by a group of fans, they cut out a paper flower for every seat in the sold out Wang Theater. This isn’t the first time these very same fans had pulled off such a display; back in 2016, they orchestrated a rainbow flag light display during the Suburbia Tour. Still one of his “fondest memories,” Sivan pulled the group up on stage to thank them for the display of devotion.

Sivan’s set was an intricate balance of sleepy ballads (“What a Heavenly Way to Die,” “The Good Side”), catchy dance tracks (“1999,” “Dance To This,” “My My My!”) and chill indie tracks that fall right in between (“Cool,””Fools,” “Lucky Strike”).

It was a humbling experience to get to watch an entire concert featuring and celebrating queer artists. Lovingly termed 20gayteen, this year has seen the meteoric rise of LGBTQ artists across not only musical genres but in the public sphere. With Bloom, Sivan set out to write an album about being a young gay man in love. He didn’t compromise and in not doing so, he created a wonderful, liberating experience for queer people across every walk of life.

All photos by Lauren Zaknoun. Be sure to look through all the galleries!

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Lauren Zaknoun

Lauren Zaknoun is an artist, photographer, music enthusiast, and founder of BANSHEE ZINE. With no musical talent to speak of, she supports her local scene by going to shows, shooting bands, and loudly reminding everyone that Paramore is the best band in the world.

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