REVIEW: Kim Petras gets creepy with Halloween mixtape

Just as Halloween season begins at the stroke of midnight on October 1, Kim Petras switches from pop princess to Halloween queen.

After teasing something new on Instagram with a slew of undead-looking portraits by the inimitable Lucas David, Petras released Turn Off the Light, Vo1. 1 on Oct. 1, giving you not one but eight new tracks to freshen up your stale (admit it) Halloween playlists which no doubt kick off with “Thriller,” “Monster Mash,” and the Ghostbusters theme song. In that order.

kim petras

kim petras by lucas david

Citing Britney Speaks and Freddy Mercury as some of her inspirations for this project, the mixtape reveals a new side of Petras who up until now made her  mark with hyper-catchy electropop and neon aesthetics. In Turn Off the Light, Petras sees herself through the lens of an “evil” Kim, the Hyde to her Jekyll, sexier and darker than her past work.

“Close Your Eyes” falls between Ke$ha circa Animal and The Fame Monster-era Lady Gaga, an eerie edge distorting Petras’ trademark bubblegum synth tracks. “Tell Me It’s a Nightmare” plays like a Halloweentown ballad, lamenting “Evil Kim’s” victims. Mixed in are runway glam tracks “Boo! Bitch” and “I Don’t Wanna Die.” Petras has been candid about not wanting her trans identity to upstage her art but she couldn’t resist the low-hanging fruit with the cheekily-titled “TRANSylvania.” But the mixtape’s highlights is the eponymous track which features the Halloween queen herself, Elvira. 

Listen to the mixtape below and tell us what you think!


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