CONCERT: Halsey says goodbye to ‘Hopeless’

Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom tour may be on its final installment but the Providence, RI stop was still a night of firsts.

Her very first tour stop in Rhode Island boasted a sold-out crowd. Avid fans from across the east coast were lining up as early as Tuesday to get into the July 11 show at Bold Point Park.

Opening for Halsey was Jessie Reyez who dialed the energy up to 11 when she took the stage, her vengeful track “Gatekeeper” striking some chords in the crowd. “Gatekeeper” calls back on a pivotal and chilling moment in her career when a producer who, early in her career, told Reyez “If you wanna make it in this industry, you gotta suck some dick.”

Halsey’s intimate show was replete with her usual pyrotechnics, backdrops, and theatrics typical of her arena shows, now set against the stunning backdrop of the sunset over the water. Opening her set clad in a wedding veil and Danielle Guizio-designed pearl-encrusted bodycon dress, the crowd crushed in around the stage to enjoy a stellar set.

Halsey by Michelle Wacker

Setting the tone for a night of firsts, “New Americana” returned to her setlist after a lengthy retirement while many of her encore and hit songs like “Hurricane” and “Castle” were played right out of the gate.

Just as Reyez praised the power of women and the impact of the #metoo movement, Halsey kept the love coming for women and the LGBTQA community. She dedicated “Strangers” to her LGBTQA fans while “Don’t Play” rallied the uproarious crowd (“Women, don’t play no games!”)

Halsey regaled the crowd with tales of her life post-“Closer,” one of her biggest hits to date. She confided that even she got so sick of the notoriously-overplayed track that, upon hearing a woman say “I hate this song!” as it played over the supermarket speakers, Halsey responded “Bitch, me too.” Her subsequent reimagining of “Closer” as an aching piano ballad was a refreshing spin on a song so pervasive that, Halsey mentioned, it was probably the first song that someone ever heard.

Halsey by Michelle Wacker

Halsey by Michelle Wacker

She followed it up with “Sorry,” which in the wake of her separation from rapper G-Eazy, was even more poignant.

Halsey balanced her performance with poignancy, energy, and humor to make an unforgettable night. Between outfit mishaps and having a nail snatched right off of her hand, her high-octane performance was fun but emotionally charged from start to finish, an encore consisting of “Hold Me Down,” “Is There Somewhere,” and “Bad at Love” perfectly encapsulating the whirlwind of a show.

Check out our amazing gallery of her set! All photos by Michelle Wacker.

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Header image by Lauren Zaknoun.

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