REVIEW: Kississippi Will Make You Sunset Blush with New LP

When Kississippi takes the stage at live shows, the energy the band exudes is so contagious that it’s impossible not to bop along to the music. On the band’s debut LP, Sunset Blush, that energy is still very palpable. The record hit Spotify on April 6, and it’s a perfect spring release.

Centering lead singer/guitarist Zoe Reynolds’ haunting, evocative vocals, the tracks on Sunset Blush sound sort of like an unexpected marriage between Best Coast and Emily Haines: folksy and smooth, with a hint of pop to keep the pacing up. This album goes by fast, which is both good and bad.

The good: Sunset Blush is packed with jams for every mood. The bad: the record is just 10 tracks, and it would be easy to fall into a lengthy Kississippi discography without ever wanting to come back out.

Sunset Blush is 32 minutes of synth-infused, guitar-heavy songwriting that quite frankly aches.

“Shamer”, in particular, feels a bit like Reynolds is reaching into your chest and ripping your heart out with her low, plaintive crooning: “You are not like the others / In you, I find some comfort”. Although the next track, “Rinse, Repeat”, is significantly more cheerful, there’s no feeling of whiplash. That’s definitely thanks to the percussion and bass, which anchor Kississippi’s sound so nothing feels out of place.

It’s easy to picture Reynolds strumming her rainbow-sprinkle-patterned guitar while she sings about heartbreak, and there’s something cathartic in the easy build-up of tracks like “Cut Yr Teeth” and “Easier to Love” crescendoing into the harder-hitting “Adrift” and then scaling back again.

After several listens, it becomes apparent that the back half of Sunset Blush is slightly stronger than the first half; the music is slightly tighter, the vocals more harmonious; Reynolds and her bandmates hit their stride right around “Shamer” and ride that strength into the album’s finale.

This record is ideal for a solo drive, or an early morning, or an evening in. Give it a listen and fall in love.

Sunset Blush is currently available to stream on Spotify and Bandcamp.

To pre-order a physical copy before the June 1 release, click here.

Kississippi is currently on tour. Check out upcoming dates on Bandcamp and be sure to follow Kississippi on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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